Fire Safety Class

Fire Safety Training Begins in the Classroom

The Fire Safety Training begins in the classroom where children are taught from Sparky’s Hazard House. The instructor teaches about a family who lives in this dissected home that display each room, equipped with smoke detectors. The children learn about knowing two ways out of every room in your house, choosing a meeting place with your family, and how to create an escape plan.

Next, children are taken into a mock home to implement an escape. They crawl on their hands and knees under the simulated smoke where there is clean air to breathe. They feel the custom-made door which heats to 106 degrees to let children experience what it feels like to have fire on the other side of the door.
They learn how to unlock a window and wave something bright colored, like a pillow case, out of the window as firemen will be circling the house looking for people. They then climb out of the bedroom window down an escape ladder and go to their meeting place. Children are taught never to return to the inside of the house for any reason. The instructor, after making sure everyone is out of the house, places a 911 call.

The children hear the dispatcher answer and the conversation that takes place as the instructor clearly states her name, address and what the emergency is.

At the same time, a firemen arrives at the Fire Station and the children learn about every piece of equipment he puts on and how it is protecting him. Our goal is to make sure children know that firemen are their friends and they are there to rescue them. Lastly, students practice “Stop, Drop and Roll” as they demonstrate how they cover their face with their hands and roll back and forth, keeping their bodies straight.

The Fire Safety Training is as real to life as possible so that kids will remember exactly what to do if they are ever involved in a fire. Children are urged to go home an talk to their parents or guardians about choosing a meeting place and practicing an escape plan.
The Fire Safety Curriculum, which starts as early as Pre-K, varies among grade levels to be age appropriate. Each year builds on the previous years of training.