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Field Trip Information

The Chautauqua Children’s Safety Education Village is thrilled to be in the ninth year of classes. We have served over 26,000 children in the Chautauqua County and surrounding area. Our goal is to minimize the number of preventable injuries and unfortunate fatalities of children by providing them with safety education and hands-on training. With the combined efforts of the educational system, Chautauqua County Health Department, local fire departments, law enforcement & WCA Services, we hope to make a difference in the lives of children for generations to come. We look forward to your participation.

Classes are required to bring payment the day of the field trip. Checks can be made payable to CCSEV.  The invoice amount is based on the number of students in the Fire, Traffic or Bicycle Safety class, at a rate of $5.00 per student. There is a minimum class fee of $175.00 for groups less than 35 students.  

Classes are scheduled on a first come- first serve basis. Please schedule your field trip early to ensure availability. The Children’s Safety Village is fully accessible to all children, including those with special needs. We are happy to make special accommodations and ask that you let us know the needs of your students prior to your visit.

 Important Notes

1. Due to requirements of grant funding, we require a roster of the students participating in the field trip. Please email this to jessica@chautauquasafetyvillage.com the day you schedule a field trip and bring a copy with you the day of the trip.


2. Our Fire, Traffic and Bicycle Safety classes last a full two hours. Please arrange transportation accordingly so we are able to get all the children through the program.
-Morning classes can run from 9:15am-11:15am or  9:30am–11:30am.  
-Afternoon classes run from 12:15pm–2:15pm or 12:30pm-2:30pm.


3.We are aware that some schools will be traveling a longer distance and we are happy to accommodate your timeframe for arrival. Please let us know what would work best for you at the time you schedule your class.


4. Traffic and Bicycle programs include outdoor training which will take place in ALL weather conditions, rain or shine, unless the weather is extreme or school has been cancelled. Please have children dress appropriately (Students must wear gym shoes and should wear rain coats as necessary. No skirts, dresses, dress shoes or sandals).


5. Fire, Traffic, Bicycle Safety and First Aid classes are limited to 60 students per session. Please inquire about bringing additional students as the timeframe will need to be adjusted if possible.


6. Chaperones are necessary to provide adequate supervision and safety during the hands-on training portion of the classes. 


7. Children must be accompanied by a chaperone at all times, including restroom breaks.


8. The Children’s Safety Village must receive 2 weeks notice of class cancellation or rescheduling. Your understanding is appreciated.


9. There is a $25 fee for classes who wish to stay an additional half hour at the Safety Village for lunch.
Schools are welcome to bring bagged lunches and have use of the pavilion.


Field Trip

Our Classes

Together we can make a difference in the lives of children in our community!

*Curriculum objectives align with the Michigan and Growing Healthy Models and are available upon

*Topics and participation are age appropriate and vary among grades. Each year builds on the
previous year.

Babysitter training and summer classes are offered as well as First Aid, CPR &AED training and
certification, for both students age 12 years and older and staff. For costs and scheduling please inquire at (716)338-0171.

The Children’s Safety Village is committed to training the youth in our community. We hope that you will see the value in the classes taught and the hands-on experience that children receive that may one day save their life. Thank you for your commitment as well.