Safety Village

~ 2695 Rte. 394, Ashville, NY ~

Safety First!

This is a place where children can learn about safety in the world around them at their own level.

Our Village

Our Village is a wonderful place where children can navigate through a town that is just their size, and learn the rules of safety in a fun setting.

Fire Simulation

“What I see I may forget, what I hear I may not remember, but what I do, I understand.”

Chautauqua Children’s
Safety Education Village

2695 Rte. 394, Ashville, NY
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(716) 338-0171
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The Children’s Safety Education Village is a Non-Profit Organization whose mission is to promote the well-being of children through adulthood by providing a wide range of experiential safety trainings and services.

Birthday Parties at the Childrens Safety Village

Your Birthday Party at the Safety Village

With several party packages to choose from, for all ages. We will help make your child’s birthday one to remember.
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Village News

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Volunteer Opportunities

This Village could not exist without all of our wonderful volunteers. Please see where you can fit in.

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The Children’s Safety Village programs would not be possible if it was not for the generous support of our sponsors and community. We are extremely grateful for their help in furthering our mission.
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